Authors Guidelines for Panorama: A Biomedical Perspective

Panorama is a peer-reviewed publication focusing on presenting biomedical research topics in an approachable form for the diverse audience in the broad fields of biomedical research. This requires a different approach to articles than a traditional archival journal.

Manuscript material

Unlike the Introduction/Method/Results/Conclusions format for archival journals, Panorama follows a more approachable structure aimed at a more general audience:

  • Background - Why is this field important to biomedical research?
  • Overview of the field - Brief history of the field and where it is going
  • Context of your work - Challenges the field faces and where your work fits in
  • Details of your work - Describe your work in simple language without jargon, including your approach, your data and your conclusions
  • Future of the field - Where is the field going from here?
  • References (IEEE style)

These sections must be written in language appropriate for a general audience in biomedical engineering, and contain illustrative figures appropriate for such audience.

Note that figures in the text should have legends and captions, which contain sufficient information so that each figure is understandable and interesting on its own, without reference to the text. These captions will be longer and more detailed than typical captions in archival journals.

Additional material

Alongside the manuscript text, the author is requested to submit

  1. A short 150-word Abstract;
  2. A short 150-word paragraph Cover Page Footnote containing a brief bio of the first author, any acknowledgements and funding sources;
  3. A Cover Letter stating the purpose of the paper;
  4. Two potential reviewers suggested by the author(s).


The student must be the first author, since the goal is to encourage the students to be the leader of the manuscript.

In addition, although publishing in Panorama does not require copyright transfer and the author retains the copyright of the article, if the article is accepted for publication, the author is required to to sign the Agreement for Publication and Sharing of Rights and submit it along with the final manuscript.

Manuscript Format

Single column and double spaced
Word format


The article should be approximately 1500 words in length.