The student must be the first author, since the goal is to encourage the students to be the leader of the manuscript.

Peer Review Process

Every submitted manuscript undergoes a peer review process by two reviewers. The author(s) are requested to suggest two potential reviewers during the online submission process. The reviewers, however, are chosen by the editor and may or may not be selected from the suggested list. The reviewers receive a scoring sheet along with the Evaluation Guidelines that invites them to comment on the manuscript based on academic merit (scientific quality, impact, novelty), suitability for audience (language, background, figures, references), and clarity. The reviewers also provide comments on the manuscript and suggest whether or not the article should be accepted for publication. Articles deemed acceptable with minor or major revisions are returned to the authors for final revision and resubmission.


Panorama: A Biomedical Perspective supports open access because it broadens the dissemination and readership of scholarly content. That, in turn, contributes to increasing the impact of the content and the recognition of its authors. Publishing in Panorama does not require copyright transfer and the author retains the copyright of the article. However, you (the author) must agree on these terms:

1. You (the author) guarantee that your article does not invade individual privacy, and does not infringe upon any proprietary right or statutory copyright. You agree to indemnify and hold Panorama and Western Libraries at The University of Western Ontario harmless against any lawsuits or claims to the contrary.

2. If there are copyrighted materials used in your article, you are responsible for obtaining permission for the use of them. The permission should be submitted to the editor prior to the publication of the article.

3. You own the copyright of the article and grant Panorama and Western Libraries an irrevocable, non-exclusive, and royalty-free license to (a) publish, reproduce, distribute, display, archive, and preserve the article and its abstract in all media now known and later developed; (b) translate the article into other languages, create derivative works of the article such as adaptations, summaries, or extracts, and exercise all of the rights set forth in (a) above in such translations and derivative works; and (c) sub-license the article to others to do any or all of the above.

4. Panorama and Western Libraries grant readers the non-exclusive right to copy and distribute your article as long as they acknowledge your authorship of the article. A Creative Commons Attribution license will be applied to the article to notify readers of the conditions under which they can freely copy and distribute the article. Information about the Creative Commons Attribution license is available at: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/