Submissions from 2007


Nothing Extreme about Protecting Fresh Embryos, Françoise Baylis, Carolyn McLeod, Jeff Nisker, and Susan Sherwin


Mouse Preimplantation Embryo Responses to Culture Medium Osmolarity Include Increased Expression of CCM2 and p38 MAPK Activation, Barry Fong, Patricia H. Watson, and Andrew J. Watson


P2X7 Nucleotide Receptors Mediate Blebbing in Osteoblasts through a Pathway Involving Lysophosphatidic Acid, Nattapon Panupinthu, Lin Zhao, Fred Possmayer, Hua Z. Ke, Stephen M. Sims, and S. Jeffrey Dixon

Submissions from 2006


Choice in Fertility Preservation in Girls and Adolescent Women with Cancer, Jeffrey Nisker, Françoise Baylis, and Carolyn McLeod

Submissions from 2005


Is There Value in Using Physician Billing Claims along with Other Administrative Health Care Data to Document the Burden of Adolescent Injury? An Exploratory Investigation with Comparison to Self-reports in Ontario, Canada, Beth K. Potter, Douglas Manuel, Kathy N. Speechley, Iris A. Gutmanis, M. Karen Campbell, and John J. Koval


Socioeconomic Status and Non-fatal Injuries among Canadian Adolescents: Variations across SES and Injury Measures, Beth K. Potter, Kathy N. Speechley, John J. Koval, Iris A. Gutmanis, M. Karen Campbell, and Douglas Manuel

Submissions from 2003


Responsiveness of Bovine Cumulus-Oocyte-Complexes (COC) to Porcine and Recombinant Human FSH, and the Effect of COC Quality on Gonadotropin Receptor and Cx43 Marker Gene mRNAs During Maturation In Vitro, Michele D. Calder, Anita N. Caveney, Lawrence C. Smith, and Andrew J. Watson

Submissions from 2002


Communication Skills Assessed at OSCE Are Not Affected by Participation in the Adolescent Healthy Sexuality Program, D. A. Penava and S. Stanojevic

Submissions from 1992


How to make a blastocyst., A J Watson, G M Kidder, and G A Schultz

Submissions from 1990

Differentiation of an epithelium: factors affecting the polarized distribution of Na+,K(+)-ATPase in mouse trophectoderm., A J Watson, C H Damsky, and G M Kidder

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Cell polarity and development of the first epithelium., L M Wiley, G M Kidder, and A J Watson

Submissions from 1988

Immunofluorescence assessment of the timing of appearance and cellular distribution of Na/K-ATPase during mouse embryogenesis., A J Watson and G M Kidder