About This Journal

Kino: The Western Undergraduate Journal of Film Studies is a student-run publication that serves to exhibit the best of film theory and critique as written by undergraduate students at The University of Western Ontario. It is associated with the Department of Film Studies by way of the Faculty of Arts & Humanities. It is also the official journal of the Western Undergraduate Film Society.

The scope of Kino covers film and culture and how the two relate. There are many sociological, philosophical, political and historical arguments centred on the medium of film. For the most part, Kino exclusively accepts essays and theoretical pieces written in English.

Eligible contributors are Arts & Humanities undergraduate students from The University of Western Ontario. We ask that papers submitted be coursework that has received a grade of at least 80% as marked by faculty. The undergraduate student editors will execute a peer review of the submitted papers.

Kino is an open access journal, which means that its content is freely available without charge to readers and their institutions. Readers are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles in this journal without seeking prior permission from the Western Undergraduate Film Society or the authors. This is in line with the definition of open access from the Budapest Open Access Initiative.

The ISSN of this journal is 1923-7561.

Questions about Kino can be submitted by to the Western Undergraduate Film Society.