Editor in Chief, Jerry White and Managing Editor, Susan Wingert
Associate Managing Editor, Nicholas Spence
Policy Commentaries Editor, Nicholas Spence


Happy New Year 2014!

It is the custom at the IIPJ to recap our work from the past year and project out into the next months and look at our plans. First, let me say from all those at the IIPJ, Susan Wingert (Managing Editor), Nicholas Spence (Associate Managing Editor), Patricia Pakvis (Copy Editor), Shyra Barberstock (Technical Associate), the many part-time volunteers, and myself, Jerry White, thank-you so much for your support over the past year. A special thanks to the many academics and policy people that have reviewed submissions and, of course, the authors themselves who have submitted to the International Indigenous Policy Journal.

This was truly a transformative year at the journal with the publication of our 100th article and a further re-doubling of our readership. In December 2013, we had our 69,000th verified reader 1. Most importantly, there were nearly 40,000 article downloads in 2013 alone, which represents a 270% increase over 2012. We have published two special editions this past year: Educational Pathways of Indigenous Learners and Indigenous Early Parenthood. These two editions received a warm reception from many areas of the world readership. There were also two regular editions.

Our plans for 2014 are already in full gear. On January 6th, the Aboriginal Policy Research Consortium (International), with which the IIPJ is affiliated, launched IndigiLINK. IndigiLINK is a social networking and collaboration site for those working in the field of Indigenous research, policy, and service provision. It is a free service for people working on Indigenous issues in a variety of capacities, including professionals, scholars, researchers, policy makers, Indigenous community leaders, Elders, media, Indigenous community members, advocates, service providers, and students. It allows the creation of open and closed groups, teams, councils, et cetera and will, as it grows, allow people to find each other to share ideas, best practices, news, and much more. The platform is secure and has video, meeting, file sharing as well as blog and other exchange capacity.

We also published volume 5, issue 1 in the first week of January. We anticipate publishing two special editions, both of which will touch Indigenous policy issues outside of North America, in the coming year, along with two more regular editions.

We remain committed to our goal of promoting ethical and respectful research that will promote evidence-based policy-making. We also hold to our promise to publish policy work that promotes best practices. For authors we will continue our rapid turnaround times and superior service.

Jerry White

1. [Readers are carefully counted and include only those who read an abstract and choose to order a full-text download.]