Editor-in-Chief: Jerry White, Western University
Managing Editor: Susan Wingert, Western University
Policy Commentaries Editor: Nicholas Spence, University of Alberta


As we enter the last months of 2014, we wanted to draw your attention to several issues.

  • IIPJ has surpassed 100,000 readers and our data indicates we have approximately 3,500 to 4,000 new readers per month.1
  • This year to date, we have published three issues of the journal, one of which was a special issue focused on “the Governance of Indigenous Information.”
  • We have two calls out for special issues:
  • The Future of Traditional Knowledge Research: Building Partnership and Capacity
    Guest Editor: Kenichi Matsui, University of Tsukuba
    Submission deadline: September 26, 2014


    Tourism in Indigenous Communities: Challenges and Opportunities
    Guest Editors: Bernardo Peredo Videa, University of Oxford and
    Thomas Thornton, University of Oxford
    Submission deadline: April 17, 2015

    Please look at the calls for papers on our Call for Special Issues webpage.

    We have been asked to develop our book review section. We are now officially asking for the submission of book reviews or books we should consider having reviewed for the journal. Any book related to Indigenous issues with policy relevance would be eligible for consideration.

    We remain committed to our goal of promoting ethical and respectful research that will promote evidence-based policy-making. We also hold to our promise to publish policy work that promotes best practices. For authors, we will continue our rapid turnaround times and superior service.

    Jerry White

    Susan Wingert
    Managing Editor

    1. [Readers are carefully counted and include only those who read an abstract and choose to download a full-text download.]

Current Issue: Volume 5, Issue 4 (2014)

Special Feature

The Dynamic Relationship Between Human Rights Law and Indigenous Peoples



The Strategic Power of Data: A Key Aspect of Sovereignty
Jennifer Lee Schultz and Stephanie Carroll Rainie



Special Feature: The Dynamic Relationship Between Human Rights Law and Indigenous Peoples

Guest Editors
Alexandra Tomaselli
Claire Wright

Feature Articles

Svetlana Tulaeva. Oil Companies, Reindeer-Herding Communities, and Local Authorities: Rights to Land from the Perspective of Various Stakeholders.

Alexandra Tomaselli & Anna Koch. Implementation of Indigenous Rights in Russia: Shortcomings and Recent Developments.

Additional articles forthcoming