Editor-in-Chief: Jerry White, Western University
Managing Editor: Susan Wingert, Western University
Policy Commentaries Editor: Nicholas Spence, University of Alberta

Proposals for Book Review Submissions

We are calling for proposals for book reviews. Any book related to Indigenous issues with policy relevance would be eligible for consideration. Book reviews are generally less than 1,500 words, but longer submissions will be considered if the subject matter warrants it. Authors are encouraged to submit a proposal prior to the completion of the book review in order to ensure the book is not currently under review or outside of the scope of IIPJ. Priority will be given to books published in the last 2 years.

Proposals should be 1-2 pages double-spaced. They should include:

  1. Information about the book (author, title, publisher, publication date);
  2. An overview of the book’s content;
  3. The relevance of the book to Indigenous policy;
  4. A brief summary of your analysis or what you would look for in your analysis of this book if you have not read it; and
  5. Proposed timeline (i.e., when you expect the completed book review will be ready to submit to the IIPJ).
  6. Proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis. There is no submission deadline. Proposals can be submitted using the Submit an Article link.

    Once your proposal has been accepted, full details on preparing your book review can be found in our Author Guide. IIPJ can provide assistance in obtaining a review copy from the book publisher, but we cannot guarantee a copy of the book will be provided to the author at no cost.

    Publishers interested in having a book reviewed can forward information about the book to one of our book review editors Jo-Anne Lawless or Onowa McIvor.

    Jerry White

    Susan Wingert
    Managing Editor