Editors: Samantha Brennan, Western University
  Carla Fehr, University of Waterloo
  Alice MacLachlan, York University
  Kathryn Norlock, Trent University

Feminist Philosophy Quarterly (FPQ) is an online, open access, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to promoting feminist philosophical scholarship. We welcome submissions from all areas and traditions of feminist philosophy, and our goal is to be a platform for philosophical research that engages the problems of our time in the broader world.

Current Issue: Volume 2, Issue 1 (2016) Spring/Summer 2016

Our contents for Issue 2.1

Readers will find two peer-reviewed articles in this issue, followed by a collection of invited papers that grew out of an Author Meets Critics session at the 2015 meeting of the Association for Feminist Ethics and Social Theory (FEAST). Our issue closes with our grateful acknowledgements of our referees to date. Our first refereed paper is "Love Slaves and Wonder Women: Radical Feminism and Social Reform in the Psychology of William Moulton Marston," by Matthew J. Brown (University of Texas at Dallas). Due to its interdisciplinary and historical nature, we lifted our limits on essay length. Readers are advised that it is an unusually large download. We believe you will find it worth the effort! Our second refereed paper, "Pornographic Subordination, Power, and Feminist Alternatives," Matt L. Drabek (ACT, Inc.; University of Iowa) argues for a descriptive rather than normative view of pornography, and an updated, modified view of the power that pornography can have to (sometimes) subordinate. We are then very happy to feature a collection of invited papers, as well. The 2015 conference of FEAST included an Author Meets Critics session in honor of Lisa Tessman, featuring responses to her monograph, Moral Failure: On the Impossible Demands of Morality (Oxford University Press, 2015). Participants in that session have expanded their work and provide it to us for this issue. We are grateful to Eva Feder Kittay (Stony Brook University), Lisa Schwartzman (Michigan State University), and Lisa Rivera (UMass Boston) for their extension of their efforts, and to Lisa Tessman (Binghamton University) for her considered response.