Submissions from 2015


Solving the Woolly Mammoth Conundrum: Amino Acid 15N-Enrichment Suggests a Distinct Forage or Habitat, Rachel Schwartz-Narbonne, Fred J. Longstaffe, Jessica Z. Metcalfe, and Grant Zazula

Submissions from 2009


Landscape Bioarchaeology at Pacatnamu, Peru: Inferring Mobility from δ13C and δ15N Values of Hair, Christine D. White, Andrew J. Nelson, Fred J. Longstaffe, G. Grupe, and A. Jung

Submissions from 2008

The Lady Hudson Project, P. Beauchesne, Ian Colquhoun, A. Cross, Fred Longstaffe, L. Marciano, Jessica Metcalfe, Andrew J. Nelson, A. Pawlowski, S. Wheeler, Christine D. White, and L. Williams

Submissions from 2007


Biologically Induced Mineralization of Dypingite by Cyanobacteria from an Alkaline Wetland near Atlin, British Columbia, Canada, Ian M. Power, Siobhan A. Wilson, James M. Thom, Gregory M. Dipple, and Gordon Southam

Submissions from 2005


Desert Potholes: Ephemeral Aquatic Microsystems, Marjarie A. Chan, Katrina Moser, Jim M. Davis, Gordon Southam, Kebbi Hughes, and Tim Graham

Submissions from 2004


Gravitational Effects from Earthquakes, T. J. Hayes, S. R. Valluri, and L. Mansinha